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"Every artist has used the tools available to them in their time to create their artwork. I am doing so with all of the tools available now as a way to create something familiar yet entirely new and fresh at the same time.


The new series of images seen in my website presentation is accomplished by combining traditional and digital methods to create an entirely new motif. The subject matters, most of them based on local scenes, and the shapes and tones in native plants, and wildflowers, were captured in and around my home in Saratoga, NY.


As a professional photographer for over 40 years, I have learned a multitude of methods to capture and manipulate light. At the same time, I learned many styles and methods of illustration, painting as well as montage and collage. 


These images are prepared to print archivally on paper, glass, canvas, and metal. The sizes range from 20" to 6' and are in limited editions. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity stating the number of the print and personalized for the collector. 


To learn more about this new artwork and to discuss pricing please contact me directly. 


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